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Early Details for The 36th Annual Columbus County Fireworks Celebration.

This story originally appeared on Tabor.City.

During an event brainstorming meeting of the Greater Tabor City Chamber of
Commerce some 37 years ago, an idea was born to hold a 4th of July Fireworks
Celebration that could be enjoyed by Tabor City, Columbus County and our
neighboring counties that wanted to come for a visit.

The Chamber Board members began planning this event and the following
summer the Inaugural Fireworks Celebration was held. Chamber Board Members
Jack Miller and Rick Worley took a little road trip and purchased $500 worth of
fireworks! Local entertainment was scheduled for a pre-show before the
fireworks were set off with the assistance of Tabor City Fire Department.

Through the years a lot has changed as more stringent guidelines have been put in
place regarding the disbursement of pyrotechnics, all of which are to make
everything as safe as possible for everyone. In addition to that change, it is
important to note that $500 would not go very far these days. It takes thousands
of dollars to do the display that we have and each year that number tends to
increase. We are beyond appreciative to each sponsor that generously gives to
help us keep this event alive and well.

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